Own the Sky

This mural is an interactive and inspirational mural at Windham Middle School in CT.  It was painted over 3 semesters with about 50 students.  The young artists were asked to think about how to design a part of a greater picture that represented themselves and their culture. We concluded that each student could be represented as a feather that made up a pair of wings- a necessary part of the bigger picture.  Each feather is individual to the student or students that worked on them.  They stand out as individuals, no two the same- encouraging the young adults to celebrate where they come from, who they are and what they represent even in a big wide world of pressure to be uniform.  The inspirational quote is meant to inspire students, family and faculty as people pass through this stairwell for years to come.  The modern attraction to this design is the call to stand in the mural, and 'use' the wings in photos- enhancing the social media appeal of this spot created by these awesome students.