24-Hour Mural

1000 sqft in 24 hours in Norwich, CT...
Creating a mark to show hope for new growth in an old city.

Raising scholarship funds for local youth to attend character development programs and to build a youth center in Greenville, CT.  The project ran from 12noon-12noon.  All materials were donated by local businesses, lighting, paints, scissor lift and even food.  There were 3 newspapers, Channel 8 news and WCTY, WICH radio stations there to report on an event that was keeping the neighborhood up in hopes of beautifying the city!  The image was inspired by the verse Ezekiel 47:9 and depicts a flood of fresh water bringing the "Rose City" back to life, producing new growth and feeding many fish! Fundraising is continuing at www.24hourmural.com 

© 2013 All work by Faith Wibberley.  (With a little help from Adobe).